Thiolated Hyaluronic acid (HA-SH-100-100K) (100mg)


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Thiolated Hyaluronic acid (HA-SH) is a functionalized, natural, non-immunogenic glycosaminoglycan.

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Thiolated Hyaluronic acid (HA-SH) is functionalized natural non-immunogenic glycosaminoglycan and component of extracellular matrix (ECM). HA-SH may be used for 3D cell and tissue culture, cosmetic and medical device applications. HA-SH may also be used with peptides, ECM proteins such as collagen, vitronectin, laminin, or fibronectin for 3D cell and tissue culture and regenerative medicine and tissue engineering applications.
Our HA-SH has >98% purity and the degree of thiolation is over 10%.

Molecular weight ~100K

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