MaxFection™ 8600 Transfection Reagent (MF8600-001, Trial Pack, 10-20 in vitro transfections)


MaxFection™ Transfection Reagent is a non-viral and versatile transfection reagent. This novel biocompatible polymer is highly effective in transfecting cell line, primary cells, stem cells, and so on. It can also be used for delivering siRNAs and shRNAs.

MaxFection™ Transfection Reagent is the best transfection reagent on the market. It is also the most economic to use in your experiments.

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MaxFectionTM 8600 series belong to an efficient new class of non-viral gene delivery based on biodegradable cationic polymer.

  • Highest Efficiency

– transfection
– nucleic acid loading

  • The Only Non-Toxic Transfection Reagent

– in vitro and in vivo
– stem cells applicable

  • Serum Bearing
  • Bioreducible



Successfully transfected

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Additional information


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