Novis Vita® Anti-Aging SenolyAct Capsule


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Novis Vita® Anti-Aging SenolyAct Capsule is the best senescent cell clearing and anti-aging product on the dietary supplement world markets. Novis Vita® Anti-Aging SenolyAct Capsule special formula comes with the unique proprietary composition and formula of fast-absorbable Topia USA® SenolyAct Nootropics to clean waste product buildup in cells and tissues, reverse the signs of aging, and improve memory performance, highly bioactive Topia® Polyamines to support DNA repair, senescent cell removal and stem cell growth, potent Topia USA® Oridonin to induce apoptosis of tumor cells, reduce tumor burden, alleviate syndrome, Topia USA® Sulforaphane to boost the absorption of active compounds, Topia USA® Phosphatidylcholine complex to assist senescent cell elimination and lipolysis, Topia USA® Fisetin to eliminate senescent cells and free radicals, Topia USA® Quercetin to eliminate senescent cells, reduce inflammation, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels, Topia USA® Apigenin to prevent a wide range of chronic diseases, and fast-absorbable Topia USA® Zinc to increase healthy cell functions, such as DNA synthesis, Gene expression, Enzymatic reactions, Protein synthesis, normal cell proliferation and growth.



Topia USA® SenolyAct Nootropics  are longevity agents with memory and learning-boosting, focus concentrating, intracellular lipofuscin waste reducing, and energy improving properties.

Topia USA® Polyamines are a mixture of organic naturally occurring compound with multiple amino groups. Topia USA® Polyamines are longevity agents with inflammation reduction, immune enhancement, stem cell activation, antioxidant, chronic disease prevention properties, also encourage hair shaft elongation and lengthen hair growth.

Topia USA® Oridonin is a diterpenoid compound with antitumor role through degrading oncoprotein and triggering apoptosis.

Topia USA® Tocotrienols are compounds naturally occurring with roles in antioxidant, enhancing survival of stem cells, increasing blood levels in brain tissue, preventing brain and heart disease,  diabetes, and cancer.

Topia USA® Sulforaphane is our Topia USA’s another version of organic sulfur derived from cruciferous vegetables and highly activated by myrosinase.  Highly active  Topia USA® Sulforaphane beneficially affects cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and digestion.

Topia USA® Phosphatidylcholine complex is our unique form of  Phosphatidylcholine with functions of senescent cell elimination, lipolysis, boost cognitive function, and liver repair.

Topia USA® Fisetin is a sirtuin-activating longevity compound with effective senolytic role through reducing senescence markers and age-related pathologies, free radical scavenging through upregulating glutathione and electron donating, anti-cancer activity through inducing cancer cell apoptosis activation and prevent apoptosis resistance, and anti-inflammatory effect through deacylation of the pro-inflammatory transcription factor NF-κB by sirtuin 1 and inhibiting the activity of several pro-inflammatory cytokines, including tumor necrosis factor alpha, interleukin 6, and nuclear factor kappa B (NF-κB).

Topia USA® Quercetin is a plant pigment with eliminating aging cells, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to help reduce inflammation, kill cancer cells, control blood sugar, and help prevent heart disease. It also has brain-protective, anti-allergy, boost immunity, combat allergies, aid exercise performance properties.

Topia USA® Apigenin is the aglycone of several naturally occurring glycosides.  Its beneficial effects have been shown on diabetes, amnesia and Alzheimer’s disease, depression and insomnia, and cancer.

Topia USA® Zinc is our special fast adsorption Zinc which quickly support numerous processes in the body, including: DNA synthesis, Gene expression, Enzymatic reactions, Immune function, Protein synthesis, Wound healing, Growth and development.